So here I am, let just say, for the moment, a forty-something guy. Two kids (awesome, naturally!) so PARENTING is a thing, unattached (sound like a house) so put me down as having experience as one of them SINGLE types.. living his life, having fun on the way. I like GAMING on the Xbox, when I should be doing IMPORTANT GROWN UP STUFF like my law studies (- Frank “House of Cards” Underwood played on the Xbox and he was the fictional US President!!!), I work in media (pretentious), and enjoy village life in the English countryside. Try to keep COMMUTING down, but still have to put up with the grind. Occaisonally I try the latest food ad in my search for the perfect LIFESTYLE.

Naturally in my head I’m about twenty years younger, and only discover my true age when I attempt to skateboard, or do stupid stunts with my kids down the local parkour/trampoline centre (ouch!).

So I hope you enjoy my blog if you have stumbled across it. Maybe there are bits you can relate to, maybe stuff that makes you laugh, or pisses you off… at the end of the day it is just shizzle and laughs.