Bulletproof Coffee convert

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Ok, I admit it, I do love a foody fad! You may have heard of the idea of putting butter into coffee… (bear with me), it is not as bad as you think. Bulletproof Coffee is a big thing from the West Coast (where else), made popular by the Bulletproof Exec, Dave Asprey.  It is nothing new, in terms of cultures have been adding butter or ghee to drinks like tea for 1000 of years (as it is pretty hard to keep milk fresh!).  What Dave Asprey has done is build some science and marketing around it, and voila, big business.

Who is the Bulletproof Exec?

Dave Asprey is all about hacking the body (i.e. re-programming, not cutting up!!!) with diet, food, exercise. All based round “sound” scientific principles. Well, I am a sucker for all that marketing guff, and I have bought into it, and even bought his “special” refined coffee and XCT Oil (think refined Coconut Oil).

Anyway, here are some videos I made all about it, and my experience experimenting. I’m drinking a brew as I type this (like some sort of trendy hipster – without the beard). It works for me, and I do get a sense of feeling charged for the day.

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