Gaming Kids – What Have I Done?

Happy New Year. I went to bed at 3.50am last night. Was I living it large for NYE celebrations? No, I was editing videos for my kids. You see I have in my head that my kids will be gaming Youtubers. I want them to be ready and confident for the multi-media and social media world. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, or it’s just me living my life vicariously through them both.

For Xmas I bought us* (honestly, it is for the three of us!) a gaming laptop, capable of playing pc games and making gaming videos. These tend to be a little more expensive than your average laptop. Well, they both have made their first proper gaming videos using the laptop, and after watching the New Year come in, I said I’d edit the videos.

Freya aka Gaming With Freya has found a new friend on, and they are well into the various games on offer, and have even built a hotel in the Minevast server. Oscar aka Oscarbot is obsessed with Roblox. Now I can’t them off the thing, and have to ration the usage. When I say ration, I mean I start off with 30 min chunks, but they become hours.  We’ve have tears and tantrums, the threat of denial of access. Currently Freya owes Oscar 4 hours game time … and counting. Meanwhile, I’m happy to stick with the Xbox.

Healthy Competition

To up the ante I have decided to pit them against each other, by posting their videos on YouTube at the same time, to see who will get the most views. Let the games commence! It is a double edge sword, as I want to promote some healthy and friendly competition, but Freya is at age where the thought of being beaten in any game by her little brother is a night mare. Here are their first offerings:

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