I’ve started my gaming channel

Not to be out done by my kids, I’ve started my own gaming channel. I’ve realised that right now, this late 40 something is becoming a bit of a gamer. I actively encourage my kids to game, and have set up their own gaming channels for them so they can be like their Youtube heroes, DAN TDM and Stampycat.

Being a bit socila media savvy – I know that in order to be a success they need to constantly supply the chain, and record lots of gaming videos, and get them on YouTube. It is all about consistency and regualrity. But I sometimes sense myself becoming a “pushy” parent of the YouTube generation. It is not the stage I’m trying to push them on to, but YouTube. Sometimes they’re not in the mood to make a video, and would rather just play the games. I mean, they play ALOT, so there is plenty of time for them to record a quick video.

Anyway, frustrated at trying to live my life vicariously through them, I decided I’ll do my own gaming channel, and start uploading videos on a regualar basis. Since UNRAVEL and the adventures of little Yarny is my game of choice for now, and since I’ve worked out how to record my Xbox One game play.  Now it is a case of getting more views and subscribers than my kids – the game is on!

Here are the first 2 levels of Unravel (please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE):

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