Summer Holidays – The British Weather Lottery

Summer Holiday in North Devon

They say the definition of insanity is;

“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Every year I holiday with the kids in Britain, used to be St Ives every year for 12 years. Now it’s just me and the kids I like to mix it up and go different places. Inevitably it is South West or Wales, as they are easy to get to. This year it was North Devon, and this year the British weather played up to everyone’s stereotype of a “British Summer” and was a mixed bag. At least we all have something to talk about – us Brits love talking weather!

I took the kids camping (those who have read my previous entries will know that I had to forgo the Campervan dream, and bought a tent and a Mini Cooper S instead. Still, the tent has paid for itself already, after 2 holidays. The kids seem to love it.

Westmouth Cove, near Ilfracombe, was the destination. The beginning of July had seen the country basking under a heatwave, and the Summer holidays were looking promising. All the papers, in that annual way they do were promising a “Summer of 76”. ┬áThe jet stream had other plans, and did its annoying shift that it sometimes does in Summer, which basically meant that from day 1 of the School holidays it just threw whatever weather was sitting in the North Atlantic at us. Hence, a weather lottery. Weather apps looked like fruit machines, constantly spinning. There was me hoping for 3 Suns to line up – and it was wind, rain, sun, in random order. One friend canceled his holiday to Devon looking at the week ahead. I had no choice. It was all booked. Thanks to the weather the stress began to set in. Oh, look, two sunny days, no, 3, no, 1, no, 2 again. Every time I looked it displayed something else.

I busily looked at a mix of indoor activities, crossed my fingers and off we went. We had the sunshine, showers, torrential rain, gale force winds and we survived it all, even losing the canopy in 40 mph winds (metal sheared in half). I had to go out into the storm at 4am in the morning and try and gather in what remained of the canopy in the storm. (Kids slept through all of this!)

We had glorious beach days, went bodyboarding, Stand Up Paddle boarding, exploring, rock pooling, old fashioned adventure parks, trampolining, and most importantly a bunch of memories and experiences, thanks to the British weather.

…. but next year, definitely going abroad. (probably…)